Snap-Tex is the industry-leading acoustical stretched fabric mounting system for walls, ceilings and other interior surfaces. Engineered for superior function and design flexibility, Snap-Tex brings acoustic control to interior architecture without sacrificing aesthetics. In fact, the Snap-Tex system is often specified as a design medium first, with the added benefit of acoustic control. A wide range of Snap-Tex profiles are available to address almost any design need.

The essence of the Snap-Tex system is it’s patented locking Snap-Tex jaw which sets the industry standard for strength and reliability. An integrated hinge allows Snap-Tex tracks to be opened wide, allowing increased access to the inside of the track for fastening to substrates. This hinge also lends itself to subsequent repairs or fabric replacement.

Fabric adds warmth and beauty to any environment, and when used with the Snap-Tex system, can still be practical and efficient! Hidden under the fabric panel can be multiple acoustical substrates that fulfill a three-fold purpose:

  • Efficient Sound Absorption, diffusion or reflection
  • Tackability
  • Highly Aesthetic and Unique


Snap-Tex Projects

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