Redefining Customized Sound Control

When you think of acoustical panels, often something along these lines comes to mind:

Old fashioned acoustic panels
But, did you know that each of these visually appealing design pieces also offer sound control?

At Signature Craft, we pride ourselves on manufacturing and installing truly customized sound control products that fit seamlessly into your new or existing design. Whether you are looking to absorb noise to create the perfect ambiance in a restaurant, protect privacy and patient care in a hospital setting, or even just to design the perfect custom home that offers the best of modern luxury, we can offer you the most effective and aesthetically pleasing options you could imagine.

We have worked in countless industries to provide quality, NRC rated sound control to exceed expectations of both industry requirements and personal tastes.

What’s even more interesting is that we treat our warehouse like a mad scientist’s laboratory and come up with our own creations designed for the best of form and function, because we know that’s what our customers want.

Case in point: our insulated, sound absorbing, server-protecting moveable wall unit that looks beautifully finished from the outside and has NRC 1.0 rated acoustic panels built into the inside.

Imagine the possibilities! We can furnish these panels in healthcare clinics, schools, or office buildings and maintain the consistency of your current, traditional design while increasing your occupants’ satisfaction, privacy, and productivity.

And for a custom home theater room, we’re in the process of fabricating these beauties:

They were created to add sound control and enhance the design of the architect’s existing plan. Custom built luxury homes are a growing sector for our products, and we can’t wait to get these panels to their new space and install them for our client!

And finally, just a few more of our more creative prototypes that could be used in a school, restaurant, office, or home in need of some decorative sound control. We love the combination of function and form that these afford, and we are always eager to tackle more innovative projects!

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