Our Streamlined Processes Create a Better Experience for Customers

Focus on Partnerships

Upon examining the systems in place when we purchased Signature Craft, we quickly became aware that there was not enough focus on customer relationships or retention. Simply put, we discovered a lack of care when it came to quality assurance and follow through which translated into unhappy customers and partners. 

That’s why one of our first priorities was to streamline operations with a focus on excellence and reliability. This began with the bidding process. We knew we needed a better workflow and in order to make that happen we had to add an assistant project manager/estimator to help with bid organization as well as front end and back end documents. Making this change allowed our estimators to exclusively focus their attention on getting the important details of each bid exactly right.

More Effective Internal Communications 

We added a two-week look ahead meeting every Monday morning to most effectively deploy our resources according to project priority. This allows for better proactive control over workloads, scheduling, and materials. During busier times, we can flex up manufacturing to accommodate the demand for more acoustical panels and still ensure quality workmanship. Along the same lines, we can schedule installers for both sun and sound control to yield the best results when we forecast and plan proactively.

In addition to the intermediate-term planning strategy, we also realized that we needed a brief morning huddle each day among our front office staff to discuss immediate concerns such as completion of bids, assessment of in process projects, and any other current issues that need to be addressed. This helps ensure better quality control for our customers and partners because our entire team is engaged and informed about what we’re doing and what is on the horizon. Having these conversations enables us to stay on top of issues like change orders or fulfillment delays to manage and mitigate them as they happen.

Controls for Project Management

At the end of the week, we now hold a focused Project Management Forum to specifically address personnel allocation, order details, submittal specifics, and scheduling needs for each open job. Having our entire project management team dedicated to addressing each detail with undivided attention and troubleshooting any changes of course as they present themselves means we control every aspect of each job to guarantee our results will exceed expectations.

With all of these measures in place, we have not only doubled our capacity to bid on projects and be thorough in our efforts, but we have ensured that each of our customers and partners can trust in our reliability and effectiveness from the time we submit our bid to the time their custom acoustical panels and window treatments are installed.

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