Signature Craft’s roots start with the founding and history of Woodard Rug Cleaning, now Woodard Cleaning and Restoration.  Earl and Nancy Woodard founded Earl E. Woodard Rug Cleaning in 1946 after Mr. Woodard was discharged from the Army Air Corps as a navigator.  Mr. Woodard had returned from flying bombing missions over Europe in World War II where he was shot down over occupied France and escaped on foot into Spain through the Pyrenees Mountains.

Mr. Woodard started by cleaning carpets in the home, working out of a canvas-covered trailer hitched to the only family car.  The Woodards built their first rug cleaning plant and office in 1949 and later built the drapery cleaning plant in 1969.  The Contract Drapery Division was then founded in 1977 and named Woodard Contract, LLC.  Originally this division specialized in residential drapery manufacturing and sales, but now its focus is entirely commercial.

In 1982, Earl and Nancy Woodard’s sons, George, Barry, and Charles, bought the business.  George Woodard operated Woodard Contract, LLC which manufactured drapery, blinds, and shades.  That division also did traditional upholstered walls, which eventually transformed into the acoustical products part of the business.

1999 began a new chapter as Woodard Contract, LLC was established as an independent entity under new ownership.  Incorporating the same familiar faces with a renewed commitment to continued development and excellence.  The Woodard Contract LLC name changed by January 2004 to become Signature Craft, LLC with George Woodard being the sole owner.

Signature Craft currently provides window coverings, custom fabric specialties, exterior shading products, stage curtains and hardware, acoustical wall panels, Snap-Tex stretched fabric acoustical wall systems, acoustical specialties, Barrisol stretched ceilings, RPG Acoustical products, and healthcare products such as cubicle track, curtains, and IV track.  Signature Craft yearly furnishes and installs in most states of the union, U.S. territories, as well as working regularly internationally, with its contractor and corporate customer based in the middle third of the country.

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