Earl and Nancy Woodard founded Earl E. Woodard Rug Cleaning in 1946 after Mr. Woodard was discharged from the Army Air Corps as a navigator. Mr. Woodard started by cleaning carpet in the home, working out of a canvas-covered trailer hitched to the only family car. The Woodard’s built their first rug cleaning plant and office in 1949 in Rock Hill, Missouri. They built a drapery cleaning plant in 1969, when they started the Drapery Cleaning Division.  The Contract Drapery Division was founded in 1977. Originally this division specialized in residential drapery manufacturing and sales, but now its focus is entirely commercial. The drapery division became known as Woodard Contract LLC and a regional provider of window coverings and acoustical panels for office buildings, churches, auditoriums, public buildings, hospitals, nursing homes and even casinos.  In 1982, Earl and Nancy Woodard’s sons, George, Barry and Charles, bought the business.  In 1999, George Woodard took over Woodard Contract LLC and established the company as an independent entity.  And in 2004 renamed it Signature Craft, LLC and DIS. The two independent entities represent the manufacturing and distribution side of the business, Signature Craft, LLC; and the installation side of the business, DIS.  George, realizing the changes and advances in the commercial construction industry realized the company needed a new focus and owner to take it to the next level.

In January of 2019, George sold both businesses to Jennifer Sturm of JLDS Holdings, LLC and JLDS Installation, LLC.  Jennifer has been working for the last 25 plus years in a dual capacity.  She has worked full time in the healthcare industry working for drug manufacturers in several different capacities.  Specializing in Sales, Sales Management, Training, and Operations.  This multi-faceted background has provided her with a strong framework for taking on the challenges of business ownership in a competitive commercial construction marketplace.  These experiences coupled with her work for over 25 years in her family’s commercial and residential renovation business marry all of her skills into one area.  Jennifer grew up working in her parents’ construction business, learning it from the ground up.  Her parents, who had four daughters, taught their daughters the ins and outs of renovating both commercial and residential properties from an early age.  She learned the mechanics of renovation, the business acumen to run projects successfully, and the follow through on managing commercial real estate.  Jennifer ran the family business up until 2018, when the final projects were completed, properties diversified and her parents finally fully retired!  This gave Jennifer the desire and kick start to leave her corporate career of more than 25 years to take on the challenge of owning and running Signature Craft, LLC and DIS.  The timing could not have been more perfect for Jennifer, her corporate position was being eliminated due to a merger, her parents last projects were coming to an end, and her desire to work for herself became apparent.

Both companies, Signature Craft and DIS, are poised for growth with the new ownership and new ideas being generated.  Jennifer has come in and started making changes to update the structure and flow of the companies to better meet the needs of their customers.  The framework is being laid to grow the companies in several new directions that hold true to the core business and customers that have come to trust Signature Craft and DIS.

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